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Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ and T&C


Can I get a price over the phone?

As an expert in floor sanding and French Polishing, we do not offer prices over the phone. Our procedure is to inspect each floor or item to be French Polished and offer you a tailored-personalised quote to suit your need. 


How do I book a site inspection/quote?

Simply call our office on 01 811 0722, email, or complete our 'contact us' form. We are open Monday - Thursday 9 - and Friday 9 - 4pm. All site inspections are carried out on Tuesday and Friday only. 

Can the floor/works be completed in two-sections?

If there is a natural separation in the floor, the work can be completed in two-sections however this will have an impact on the time and cost of the works. If there is no natural separation in the floor we would have to access if works are to be carried out in this manner. If no natural separation in the floor there may be some colour differentiation, which can be unavoidable. 

How long is the process?

This is dependent on the size of the area in question which would be accessed during the site inspection by E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers. In general, an area of approx 30 yards, once cleared of all furniture would take two days to complete from start to finish. 

Is it dust-free?

We are 99.9% dust free, as there are vacuums attached to the machines. There is some surface dust which is vacuumed up upon completion of sanding.

Is there a strong odour?

If a water-based lacquer is used there is a minor smell, similar to the strength of paint. If A/C lacquer is used there is a strong odour. All windows must be open to ventilate. The type of lacquer used will be dependent on a number of factors what will be discussed by the site inspector. 

Can there be furniture in the rooms to be sanded?

All the area(s) where the work is taking place must be completely cleared of all furniture, soft furniture etc. If it is not possible to move all items, E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers must be informed before work can commence. Failure to do so, may result in delays to the commencement of the date of work or prolong the amount of time taken to complete the works. Should E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers be required to move large pieces of furniture at the request of the customer, E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers takes no responsibility or liability for damage etc. caused. 

I am getting 'other' (i.e. painting, plumping etc.) carried out. When should I schedule the floors?

All main contractors must be off site before floor sanding can commence. Failure to do so will result in delays. As a general rule of thumb, E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers are always the last people to come in. 

There are repairs to the floor, can you complete this?

Any repair work must be carried out prior to commencement of works. E.V. Kidd Woodfinishers does not carry out carpentry/major repair work such as replacement of floors, laying floors, skirtings etc.

Does E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers lay floors?

No E.V.Kidd Woodfinishers does not lay floors, our remit is floor sanding and refinishing only. 

When can I walk on the floors after they have been completed?

Upon completion a floor is usually touch dry within approximately 3 hours. However it continues to cure for approximately one week. The floor may receive light foot traffic 8 hours after the final coat of finish but full heavy use should be avoided for 72 hours. Furniture may be returned to the room after 24 hours but should be fitted with protective pads. The floor should not be covered with any protective sheeting/polythene or rugs/carpets for the first week after finishing. Similarly, the use of maintenance products should be avoided for this period.

When is payment for works required?

The price quoted is payable on completion of the contract and immediately on presentation for the Business invoice. 

I have some shade variation in the floor, will this come out?

It is dependent on the floor, nature of the wood etc. Some old floors may have stains, and in some cases, shade variation. These can be caused by natural atmospheric conditions and may not come out by sanding. 

I have a dog which urinated on the floor, will this come out?

Urea is very difficult to sand out as it burns in to the wood. E.V. Kidd Woodfinishers would make every effort to remove/disguise but there may be some colour variation. 

Can I see samples?

E.V. Kidd Woodfinishers does not carry samples. Please see GALLERY section for images of 'before and after' of floors. All samples are carried out on the floors in question to be sanded, as different wood take a stain/colour differently. 

Can the machines work on a generator?

No this is not possible, the machines require full main power. Where work is undertaken at the customer's personal/business premises, the customer will provide Full Main Power and heating and take all the necessary precautions. The Business shall not otherwise be held liable for any damage or injury whatsoever caused by exposure to fumes, vapours and dust which are generated by the work.

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